TGSI Rises From The Ashes

Like the Phoenix, TGSI has taken on many forms and once again is reborn. This time the ambition is smaller, leaner, and select. There are only two “industries” that will remain.

No longer will the philosophy be that we will do “Anything anyone is willing to pay for… as long at it’s legal.” Instead, TGSI will be selective in taking on projects. We will now only support our core areas.

FPGA Masters will remain. We will accept a select few design projects that are both interesting and challenging. The challenge must come from the project itself and not the schedule. While we do recognize schedule is always a driver, we won’t accept projects that are so schedule-driven that they force short-cuts, poor choices, or… don’t allow for Margarita time.

Our other area of interest will remain test equipment. Like TGSI rising from the ashes, we will be “resurrecting” test equipment from the graveyard. There is great satisfaction in taking equipment that cost tens of thousands of dollars when new and giving it new life.

As I complete this, it’s about 4:30 in the afternoon on a Friday. In keeping with the new philosophy… It’s Margarita Time!

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